Introduction to silence

A silent mindfulness technique to aid breathing and relaxation.

When we become silent/still we become present – we step out of the daily business we try to keep pace with.

We discover peace – the place of just being ourselves; in touch with ourselves – a place where we are in the present moment; no past or future to complicate things.

Steps to mindfulness:

  • Sit comfortably.
  • Concentrate on your breathing – count breaths.
  • Stay with that.



Please help me to rest in your happiness,
To allow a smile to linger on my lips,
Please help me to awake with hope,
To engage with life in all its variety,
To take in the beauty of others joys,
To touch the souls of those I meet with thankfulness.
Please help me to taste the kindness of friendship,
To feel the warmth of embrace.
Please help me to catch each moment
And drink in the great joy of life.