International Men’s Day at St Thomas More

Today we have celebrated international men’s day across school.  This annual day recognises the positive value men bring to the world, their families and communities. We have highlighted positive male role models and raised awareness of men’s well-being through work completed in form time across all year groups. We have taken the time to allow boys an outlet to show aspects of themselves that they are proud of and achievements they want to celebrate.  We have also sent postcards to thank those male role models that influence us and to acknowledge the contribution they make to our lives.

Many of the themes of this day revolve around issues such as male safety, physical and mental health, stereotypes and male suicide. This last theme is particularly important when considering 76% of suicides in the UK are men. In fact, in every country except China, men have higher suicide rates. To follow this, 85% of homeless people are men as well as 92% of workplace fatalities, and men are more likely to get a prison sentence and serve longer.

These statistics show us there are real issues and stigma attached to elements of male identity that we need to address. International Men’s Day has been a fantastic opportunity for us to educate everyone in our school about the challenges men face and discuss openly such issues.  We have also shared ways in which our students can ask for help and suggested external agencies and websites which may support parents and cares are listed below.

We would like to show our thanks and appreciation to the male staff that have been photographed in this image with positive and thought-provoking messages.  We are exceptionally lucky to have such influential male role models within our school.

Mrs K Chesters