Important message to Parents/Carers and students in Years 11 and 13

We appreciate how very trying this period of time is for each and every one of you. It is just as difficult for us as your school. The traditional approach to what would be your ‘next steps’ has been radically altered and through no fault of yours or ours. You will know from recent communication from school that there are certain steps that we as a school must and need to follow to provide ‘Centre Assessed Grades’ for Ofqual on behalf of the Department for Education. Part of this process, as outlined in letters found on our website, is that there must be no communication what so ever with respect to the grade assigned by school to any student between home and school or school and home. Infact, Ofqual has made it very clear for all schools that to become engaged in any such practice might well be seen as an example of malpractice, which of course would have serious implications for all involved. Clearly this is a behaviour and situation we could and would not countenance. Therefore I must respectfully remind Parents/Carers and students that we will not respond to any query regarding grades and would ask that comments are not emailed to any member of staff reminding them of the courses applied for, grades needed and pleading that staff remember this when concluding the process. The process that we as a school, as indeed are all schools, are currently working our way through, has been centrally drawn together by Ofqual, is rigorously monitored and will be carefully and thoroughly analysed once in their possession. I hope that you will appreciate and understand that my reason for making this point clear is not to cause any offence or upset but to clarify again the position for all concerned and to ensure that transparency and fairness is explicit in all we do.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.