Important exam update for students in Year 11, 12 and 13

Dear Parents, Carers and students, I know that by now many of you will have read or heard the latest news announcing that all BTEC vocational exams will now be held or delivered at the discretion of Head teachers and the students’ schools.

I have taken the decision to allow our BTEC exams to run as scheduled and in accordance with your child’s examination timetable.

My reasons for doing so are as follows:

*We have been preparing for these exams for months and have put all Covid regulations in place to ensure that our examination hall is ready and safe.

* Our teachers have worked with endeavour to ensure that all Year 11, 12 and 13 students taking the exams scheduled for the next two and a half weeks are adequately and fully prepared and that any ‘gaps’ in knowledge and understanding have been addressed.

* More importantly, our students, your children,  have coped with all manner of ongoing disruption and distraction whilst working towards these exams and are ready to take them.

* Whilst the Prime minister has announced significant changes to the summer GCSE and A Level exam process he has yet to clarify what this will entail and what will be in their place. 

* Therefore, I cannot guarantee that the grade and level of process indicated from taking these exams will not feature in whatever process we may need to engage with. I do not want any of our children to have their future chances undermined in any way.

So, we will be ready in the morning to commence delivery of all vocational exams scheduled for the current sitting and as of tomorrow will welcome your child to school on the day of his/her exam.

I am so sorry that yet again such a fundamental and significant decision has been delivered in the manner in which it has and hope that the information outlined above will go some way to allaying any concerns there may be.

Take care and God bless,

Mrs Bowen