Code Consequence Examples of behaviour


  • Verbal warning, recorded on classroom board
  • May lead to possible community service
  • Late to lesson
  • Incorrect uniform
  • Not beginning work immediately
  • Failing to follow teacher instructions immediately
  • Talking when the teacher or anyone else is talking or explaining
  • Distracting others from their work by talking, tapping, messing etc.
  • Failure to complete green pen response to high standard
  • Failure to complete classwork to required standard


  • Written imposition, recorded in handbook
  • Parent/carer signature required
  • Possible community service or confiscation
  • Not being prepared for lesson with correct equipment/planner/No PE kit
  • Making negative comments about the activities in a lesson
  • Putting head on desk, swinging on chair
  • Not working well in a pair
  • Shouting out at any point
  • Poor presentation below standard of ability
  • Putting others down and not being supportive
  • Lack of revision/effort for assessments
  • Dropping litter
  • Eating or drinking in class (other than water)
  • Possession of items not permitted in school, including mobile phone, or items forbidden in uniform policy


  • 20 minute after-school detention
  • Detention slip issued and parent/carers contacted
  • Refusing to work in group set up by form tutor/teacher
  • Antagonising another student verbally
  • Disrupting the learning of others
  • Being out of bounds
  • Late to school
  • Failure to complete homework


  • 40 minute after-school detention
  • Detention slip issued and parent/carers contacted
  • Disrespectful behaviour during Assembly or school Liturgy
  • Interrupting Collective Worship
  • Antagonising another student physically


  • 1 hour after-school detention
  • Detention slip issued and parent/carers contacted
  • Level 1 (buff) report with Form Tutor following discussions with Head of Year/Assistant Head of Year
  • Repeated refusal to follow instructions
  • Truancy from lessons
  • Leaving classroom without teacher’s permission
  • Arguing with teacher


  • Immediate removal/isolation
  • Contact with home - phone call/letter
  • Level 2 (purple) report with Head of Year or Assistant Head of Year following discussions with Head of Key Stage
  • Confrontation with staff
  • Leaving school grounds without permission
  • Attempting to gain access to restricted areas of the network
  • Deliberate damage to school property/ premises
  • Use of abusive/insulting language


  • Internal seclusion
  • Meeting with parents/carers
  • Level 3 (orange) report with Assistant Headteacher or Head of Key Stage following discussions with Senior Leadership Team
  • Racist behaviour/language
  • Causing injury to another student/reckless behaviour
  • Fighting
  • Indecent behaviour


  • Fixed term exclusion
  • Level 4 (red) report with Headteacher or Deputy Headteacher
  • Repeated or extreme behaviour issues and non-adherence to school code of conduct
  • Complete refusal to follow staff instructions
  • Rude or aggressive behaviour towards a member of staff


  • Meeting with Governors and Disciplinary Panel
Failure to meet Governor’s targets


  • Permanent exclusion
Extremely serious incident or persistent misbehaviour which is adversely affecting the education of others