In conjunction with The National Careers Service pupils were given the opportunity to meet employees from different departments within one of Europe’s largest Tesco stores. The target group were Year 8 and 9 and two pupils from each year were selected to represent the school. The aim of the visit was to educate pupils on the wide range of careers available behind the scenes of the big supermarket giant.

Pupils were given the opportunity to network with a number of employees who all took time out of their busy schedule to talk a little about their role within Tesco. These employees include the Trolley Collector on the shop floor, the Baker that had worked for the company over 40 years, the Fish Monger that is being paid to do an Apprenteship, and the Customer Experience Manager who will soon moving up to manage her own store. Employees discussed their journey, how long they’d worked for Tesco, where they started within the company, and the training and promotion opportunities available to them as an existing employee. Pupils also took part in an activity led by the National Careers Service that encouraged them to think about the different skills needed to be successful in different job roles. Overall the visit was very informative and pupils were interested to see the vast array of careers available behind the scenes.