St Thomas More Catholic School aims to develop responsible young citizens ready for the challenges of university life and the working world. We place great emphasis not only on academic rigour but on the development of life skills.

The school maintains strong links with local industry and commerce and runs a wide range of enterprise events, challenging students to originate potentially successful products and services, work as part of a team and make informed decisions across all areas of production, promotions, supply and service.

We have a careers library with contemporary information about necessary skills and qualifications and opportunities both locally and nationally.

Careers advice is delivered at both Key Stage 3 and 4 with one-to-one discussions pertinent to individual ambitions and abilities.

Year 10 students choose their two week work placements and make a hugely positive contribution to our local partners, while gaining a valuable insight into the world of work. All Year 11 students are given practice job interviews with local employers and are advised about the professional presentation of job applications and curriculum vitae.