Headteacher’s update

Dear Parents and Carers, I know how very concerning and indeed unsettling everything is for us all at present and that there seems to be no let up at all. Wherever we turn we are being asked to abide by some form of guidance and its associated regulations and restrictions. The fact that these have changed and tightened over recent weeks has added to our feelings of uncertainty.

As your children’s Head teacher and from the perspective of a fellow parent, I wanted to assure you of the following as I know some of you have been somewhat worried of late about some of the information enclosed.

Prior to the arrival of our children and staff each morning, our cleaning and caretaking team are busy about school ensuring that rooms are fit for purpose. Rooms are cleaned, bins are emptied, all door handles, door jams, light switches and bannisters are cleaned and sanitised.

We have cleaning staff on site across the day to assist in doing the same along our corridors whilst our children are in lessons.

We have been ably supported by Interserve in arranging for our cleaning staff to be back on school premises at 2.30 pm to commence additional cleaning prior to the end of the school day.

Once our children leave at 3.00 pm our cleaning staff commence cleaning all classrooms, the dining hall and assembly hall which is also used as a dining hall at present, all toilets, all offices and public spaces around school.

In addition to the above after each break and lunchtime sitting and in preparation for the next Year group’s break or lunch, our dinner ladies sweep the floors, clean down all tables, chairs and surfaces within reach of our children.  Clean utensils are put out and fresh food is made ready and displayed for purchase.

Our caretaking, cleaning staff and dinner ladies sanitise regularly and wear all appropriate PPE.

As you will also be aware, staff also sanitise frequently, wear masks and visors in public spaces, wear visors whilst teaching and monitor our children as they sanitise both on entry to and exit from lessons.

Lastly, you are aware that our children are required to wear masks in busy places such as corridors, toilets etc. They are also asked to do likewise if travelling to school by bus, whether that be ours or public transport. We advise they do likewise if travelling to school by car and sharing this method of transport with someone else outside of their family bubble.

I  do hope that this both allays your fears and answers any queries you may have had and most of all assures you of the combined effort in place to keep our children safe and well whilst in school and at work.

As always, you are more than welcome to direct any queries to me and I will do my best to address them for you.

Mrs Bowen

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.