Headteacher’s update regarding study leave

Dear Parents and Carers, I am sure you may be aware by now from news from school that the current attendance of our Year 11 has been seriously affected by our current outbreak of Covid 19 and that this has caused many of our  Year 11 and Year 13 students some concern as to what will happen with their PPEs.

It is really important to myself, our Senior Team and all our teachers involved in delivering to our exam groups that their exams run as smoothly as possible especially as they have worked so hard to prepare for them.

It is also important that these PPEs are organised in as fair a way as possible especially if we are required  to use the data from them, in addition to other assessments, to provide a CAG for our students as we had to with last year’s Year 11 and Year 13.

So, I have taken the following decisions  to make certain that this round of PPEs will take place and that all  PPE papers and sessions delivered will  have parity of delivery and so will be fair for everyone who takes them.

Year 11 will now be placed on full study leave for the coming week – November 23rd.  

During this week their teaching staff are going to deliver lesson/revision sessions to them using  Micro Soft Teams .

These will follow their normal Week B timetable. All students will need to be ready to join when asked. These lessons/revision sessions are there to support our Year 11 students whilst they are at home on study leave.

Year 11 PPEs will now commence week beginning November 30th focusing on their option subjects as timetabled.

They will continue into week commencing December 7th focussing on their core subjects as originally timetabled for this coming week, November 23rd.  

Therefore Year 11 will not be in school for the next three weeks unless they are required for an exam during the weeks commencing November 30th  and  December 7th.

Year 13 students are required to be in school as normal attending lessons and preparing for their exams in an organised and rigorous manner as expected.

Year 13 PPEs will run as scheduled week commencing December 7th. They will be on study leave during that week as already agreed.

It is essential that all students are sensible in the manner in which they observe the current regulations and restrictions regarding social distancing etc. whilst away from school and at home – we want and need them fit and well for these PPEs.

It is also important that they do all they can whilst at home to prepare for these PPEs – they are more than welcome to message school and their teachers for any help they may need.

We will do our best to answer their queries, and yours,  as quickly as possible.

Take care now and God bless,

Mrs Bowen

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.