Headteacher’s Notice – 13 January 2023

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, as we approach the latter half of January our Year 13 students commence their PPEs. These will form a most significant aspect of our immediate post PPE plans to support a variety of intervention plans which will provide our students with the structures, materials and provision they might need to secure their required grades to access their next steps be that apprenticeships, university, training programmes of a different variety or entry to the world of work.

In similar vein, we have commenced our intervention programmes and plans for our Year 11 students following their PPEs prior to Christmas. These include specific activities during lessons, intervention after school, one to one tuition via the National Tutoring Programme and from February onwards Saturday and holiday revision programmes. As part of this we have identified a core group of approximately 90 students who will most benefit from this support plus a series of additional meetings with their parents and carers.

As a parent and carer it is essential in both instances, whether your child be in Year 11 and/or 13, that once approached by us that we have your full support and backing in ensuring that your son and/or daughter attends and participates in all opportunities provided.

You will be aware from previous editions of More News and information published via our Facebook page that we are now approximately 5 weeks into our determined strategy to address attendance and punctuality to school. Both myself and Mrs Roberts are increasingly pleased with the improvements seen and are most appreciative of your support and engagement with our approach. It is essential that the improvements witnessed thus far continue and improve even further.

As parents and carers you will be accustomed to my honesty and transparency with regards to all things within school. Unfortunately we had two fire alarms deliberately set off by a very small number of students last week. These students are from Years 8 and 10.

In both instances the students involved have been excluded from school. Immediately following their period of exclusion they will complete a prolonged period of provision within the isolation centres of our neighbouring schools and in the case of one of the students involved, the student will not return to our school.

My reasons for issuing such serious sanctions is based upon the blatant disregard demonstrated, the disruption to our school day, the interruption it caused to teaching and learning and to our safety in school. I am most appreciative of the support provided by all parents and carers of the students involved.

Following the disruption that the above caused, activated by vaping and deliberate acts of stupidity in our toilets, I have initiated a proactive, structured plan for addressing and sanctioning students who are late to Form and/or lesson, who hide or truant in the toilets or deliberately disrupt teaching and learning. I am sure that you will understand my reasons for doing so and will be supportive of them as they are designed to support your child’s academic and social well being, development and progress.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.