Headteacher’s Notice – 16 December 2021

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, as we close for Christmas I want to take this opportunity to wish you and your families a happy, holy and peaceful Christmas. Please know that you are always in our prayers and will continue to be so as we commence our New Year together as a faith and school community.

I am sure that as you read this edition you will get a clear feel of the many activities we have been involved in as we have celebrated the season of Advent. We have collected a variety of goods, toiletries, clothing and Christmas toys, games and gifts. We have decorated our Jesse Trees and have participated in our Advent Angel activity both as staff and students which asked us to do something kind for someone else, in secret if possible.

One of the most enjoyable activities continues to be our weekly Praise Assemblies which has culminated in a Christmas Rewards Breakfast for over 200 children. A great time was had by all, made all the better as we were dolled up in our Christmas gear!!

I would particularly like to congratulate our Year 11 and 13 students who have now completed their PPE exams. Their attitude, behaviour and levels of maturity deserves special recognition and bides well for their ongoing approach to their studies as this year carries on.

As you will know and appreciate as Parents and Carers, we take the behaviour of our students most seriously indeed. It has therefore been most disappointing to see some of our students engage in differing levels of disrespect, especially when I know that is not what is expected of them at home. These behaviours have included misusing Tik Tok to denegrade staff, acting aggressively towards other students, vandalising school property and using foul and abusive language.

As a consequence, I have asked two students to leave our school community, I have engaged the police in addressing the misuse of social media and have charged the parents and carers of those students who have caused significant damage to school property. I hope you will understand my need to alert you to these behaviours and will support my reasons for doing so by discussing this at home and encouraging in your child the need to comply with the clear, fair and uniform expectations we have of all in our school community.

This edition of More News includes important information with regards to our return in January. As we have been asked to engage with and support another round of Covid testing amongst our students we will need to stagger their return. Again, this testing will not occur without parental/cater consent and will take place over the course of January 4th, 5th and 6th of January to allow a measured and Covid compliant approach.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.