Headteacher’s notice – 29 March 2019

Mrs S Bowen

I hope you are enjoying the glorious weather of late? This is always a signal for us that exam season is on its way! To that end – students in Years 11, 12 and 13 are most busy preparing for these exams particularly as we are now in the final few weeks before they start. Please keep them in your prayers.

I also hope that where relevant you enjoyed a happy and pampered Mother’s Day. At Mass on Sunday, Fr David explained why the frontal on both the altar and the tabernacle and his vestments were rose pink – this is to signify the celebration of and importance of the Church as the mother and source of our faith. He also explained that this celebration was actually initiated by the Catholic Church to celebrate this very role and that on Mothering Sunday believers would return ‘home’ to their original place of worship and would present the flowers and blooms they had picked along the way and place them in front of the statues around the church to brighten and decorate it.

In school this month, we remember that Pope Francis has asked that we pray for those doctors, nurses and all medical professionals who give of their time, expertise and sometimes their lives to work in war zones and care for those affected by the many atrocities that may occur.A very fitting start to the month especially considering the message of Sunday’s gospel – The parable of the Prodigal Son – that we should be ready to forgive and help all regardless of their background.

We said cheerio to our Year 5 visitors from St Peter’s on Friday. They have returned to their school in Bloxwich as it has been repaired following their flood. There is still a great deal of work to be done and as a school they will not be able to gather for assembly or eat their lunch together as their school hall remains out of operation. Weekly Mass on Thursdays will now be celebrated in Church rather than in school until such time as their hall is fit for purpose. It was our pleasure to host them and we wish them all well as they come back together as a school community.

I would also like to thank our staff and students who were so welcoming and kind whilst the boys and girls of Year 5 and Mrs Harper and Mrs Edwards were with us. Staff moved out of G28 to allow Year 5 to use it as their base. Students who would normally have lessons there travelled to other locations around school and were most mature in doing so. Staff in Music and PE gave of their time to provide activities in both Music and on the climbing wall and our Year 10 Work Experience students demonstrated such kindness and care when they put on their Summer Fete activities early to engage with the boys and girls during their break time. Thanks must also go to our Reception staff who welcomed them so warmly each morning and our Canteen staff who looked after their morning snack of toast each day and the odd forgotten lunch as was needed.

You will read more about the many other events that have either happened or about to over the last and next two weeks. I have been most impressed as to how receptive all students have been to the messages delivered in my assemblies last week and I do hope they have talked bout these at home with you as I asked them to. Again, I am always pleased to hear from parents and carers and in particular when it means that I can address issues in school with speed and effectiveness. I hope you enjoy reading about our Year 10 students and Work Experience. There will be further news in our nest edition at Easter. Lastly – please get your shoes ready. Mrs Chesters is running with an idea and initiative at present to gather as many god quality used and old shoes – once done so these will be sent via a charitable organisation to many locations across Africa and will enable school children to travel to school.

God bless.