Headteacher’s Notice (9 October 2020)

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, I hope this edition finds you all well and preparing for the change of temperature. Winter is certainly upon us it would seem. I have included in this edition a reminder and plea that our children are sent to school with their winter coats. I know it is somewhat unfashionable or indeed even cool for students these days to arrive weather proofed and ready for a drop in temperature but as they are outside a lot at present it would be good to see them wrapped up against the chilly starts and indeed days.

We are now in the middle of October, a month traditionally dedicated to the holy rosary. This is the special form of prayer dedicated to Our Lady and said using rosary beads. This is a firm favourite with Catholics and many of us who have attended both Catholic primary and secondary schools will remember being led through the rosary as we considered and reflected upon the needs of others.

Our children are actively collecting for our Harvest Festival. All kinds of non-perishable goods are being collected and transported to school. We are exceptionally grateful for your support as will Fr Craig and the parishioners of the St Newman Cluster through whom these goods are being delivered and distributed amongst those who need them most. In fact my office was stripped bare this morning of the contributions stored here by Courtland in Year 7 who as part of our SVP group did a sterling job moving them over to our school chapel. As Courtland is a past pupil of St Joseph’s in Darlaston I know that Miss Hinton will be over the moon to hear of his good works. I do hope you haven’t found a sudden hole in your cupboards as goods have been brought in. We did discuss the need to ask at home before rifling through the pantry!

We have also participated in a whole school blessing celebrated by Fr Craig who was ably assisted by Jay and Claudia in Year 7. Jay is a past pupil of Holy Trinity and Claudia is a past pupil of St Thomas of Canterbury. I know that both Mrs McNally and Mrs Richmond respectively will be exceptionally proud to hear of their endeavours.

Our Year 13 students are well underway with their UCAS applications. We are just in the process of finalising those student applications hoping to secure a place to study medicine and nursing. I would ask that you keep the in your prayers.
Our Year 11 students will soon receive letters asking both them and you as Parents/Carers to their Sixth Form meeting. Obviously we will conduct these meetings with due regard for all relevant Covid restrictions. We will also hold our virtual Sixth Form Open Evening and whilst not according to our usual method of doing so we are non the less pleased to do so and to demonstrate what an industrious and positive learning experience our Sixth Form is.

Equally so, we launched our Whole School Virtual Open Evening and have been most pleased with the comments made and the number of queries and questions posed. We have tried to include as much useful information as possible and in particular focussed guidance and direction as to our application process. I am exceptionally grateful to Mrs Tonks who is the chair of our admissions committee for her support and encouragement with this particular aspect.

Not long after our return from half term Year 11 will sit their PPE (Pre Public Exams) or mocks as we used to call them. I am sure I do not need to stress the significance of these mocks as a basis for any future assessment or decision as to a final grade. Whilst we have received news that both GCSE and A Level exams will run as usual this year, albeit three weeks late, I would urge a note of caution. We do not know yet where this pandemic will take us and therefore we have no guarantee that CAGs will not feature either in its entirety or part thereof and so would encourage all Parents and Carers to ensure that the upmost effort is dedicated towards all aspects of study, homework and revision regardless of the task.

God bless.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.