Headteacher’s Notice – 9 February 2024

From the latest issue of More News:

Dear Parents and Carers, as you receive this edition of More News we will have completed another half term and will be half way through our school year.

During half term we will celebrate Shrove Tuesday or Pancake Day (13.02.24) and will commence the Season of Lent on Ash Wednesday (14.02.24). You may have already seen our chosen Lenten Charities as advertised on our website and Face Book Page. Our adopted charities are either local or have an international focus, are Catholic or non-denominational in origins but what is most important to us as a Catholic school, is that they allow us to support those who are vulnerable, in need and support our engagement with Catholic Social Justice. Any support that you feel you might be able to provide would be most gratefully received.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our Year 11 and 13 students who have completed their PPEs. Teaching staff are busy moderating and marking papers and taking students through the improvements to be made that will support them either reaching or exceeding their exam potential. There are a number of intervention sessions running over half term. Relevant parents and carers have been notified by text/message. It is essential that students identified attend these sessions. The same is expected with all after school, Easter and May half term sessions delivered. Students are identified on the basis of their need and as such it is expected that parents/carers support this compulsory attendance.

As parents and carers you will have noticed two posts issued by me with regards to non essential items being brought on to school site. It is absolutely essential that students’ bags are checked prior to attending school. In the case that serious sanctions must be served, it could be the case that these will be served to all involved.

As Head teacher I believe it is important that I share updates regarding events in school. Over recent weeks I have had need to serve suspensions to a number of students primarily as a consequence of their behaviour towards either other students or staff. Behaviours have included disrespect towards staff, use of unnecessary language, blatant disruption of teaching and learning and persistent non-compliance with school expectations regarding uniform, punctuality etc. As parents and carers your intervention and support is not only called for but expected and is gratefully received.

Parents and Carers of Year 9 Parents are reminded that Options Evening takes place on Wednesday, 07.02.24 and that Year 10 Progress Evening takes place after half term, 20.02.24. Relevant parents and carers are reminded of our expectation that you attend.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.