Headteacher’s notice – 8th February 2019

Mrs S Bowen

May I start by thanking you for your support over recent weeks.

Since I last wrote to you we have had Parents’ Evenings and Year 8 Options Evening – all of which have been well supported by our parents and carers. Whilst these are important events in the life of any school and significant in securing the best outcomes for our children, we appreciate that a lot must take place behind the scenes to ensure that you are able to attend – work commitments might need to be amended, after school pick ups and drop offs changed, homework will need attending to, dinners made and uniforms made ready for the next day and that is either before or after you meet with us. So to that end we are exceptionally grateful for your support and attendance.

As a school we have marked number of important events – both children and staff spent time in Assemblies considering the need for tolerance, respect, the importance of personal dignity, the impact of our actions or deliberate ignorance of certain behaviours and the need for peace during our reflection on Holocaust Memorial Day.

We also dedicated time to Internet Safety Day. Students were given time to discuss and consider the need to be cautious, vigilant and safe whilst using all types of social media.

This week we are marking and celebrating Well Being in school. Each year group will be given dedicated time to consider the importance of their own personal well being but as importantly, how best to ensure and safeguard that of others, which given that we are a Catholic school, reflects beautifully our vocation to see everyone as our neighbour.

I would ask that you continue to keep our Year 11 and 13 students in your prayers. Year 11 are coming to the end of their most recent cycle of Period 6 after school intervention and along with Year 13 students will commence their next round of mocks on our return from half term.

As with all schools, it is important that we continue to reflect on the impact of our work on the lives of our students. On our return in January we were informed that we were to be reviewed by the LA as part of their programme for review across all Walsall schools. I am pleased to report that the day went well and was most positive.

God bless.