Headteacher’s notice – 6 September 2019

Welcome back to our new academic year, particularly so if your child is joining our school for the first time. This time of year is a busy time as we settle back into the routine of school. It is of course an important time for our students, regardless of their Year group, as they get back into the demands of work, the need to be organised, to meet deadlines and to give of their best. I am sure they will find settling back into school all the easier because of our support, guidance and encouragement. We have included a range of suggestions in this edition that we hope will help should you have any queries as to how best to help your child commence this year in a positive and productive way. Of course the suggestions enclosed are by no means exhaustive. We would welcome any suggestions you may have used that have proven to be useful and will post them in our next edition.

Our activities did not cease when we closed for our summer holidays. We welcomed over eighty students to our summer school in preparation for joining us in September. Their programme of activities included drama, art, cooking, sports, literacy and numeracy. In addition to the above Literacy and Numeracy sessions were organised for the parents/carers of the students attending to which over thirty attended.

We also began each morning with Morning Prayer and concluded with a Celebration Assembly and were delighted with the number of parents/carers, siblings and other family members who joined us.

As summer school commenced a number of our Year 12 students, past students, Mr Howell our Lay Chaplain and myself spent a week in Lourdes supporting those on pilgrimage who experience difficulty walking or with their general mobility and a range of other health concerns. This was a most moving experience and was made all the more special as we were joined by the parishioners of two of our feeder parishes, Holy Trinity Parish in Bilston and St Joseph’s on the Willenhall Road. Whilst there we delivered the prayer intentions of a number of our Catholic feeder primary schools, our Governing Body, our staff, and the staff and students of St Edmund’s Catholic Secondary School in Wolverhampton and St Giles C of E Primary school in Willenhall. Our endeavours were graciously supported by the fund raising activities and donations of both parishes listed, the Catenian Association and the staff and students of Holy Trinity Catholic Primary school.

Of course an important and significant part of our summer was the collection of examination results. As staff we are proud of the accomplishments of all our students and were delighted to see them move on to the next phase of their lives whether they are continuing in education or have commenced work or training. None of this could or would have been possible without the continued guidance, support, and encouragement of their parents and carers.

In this edition is a copy of some of the content enclosed in my letter to all parents/carers which was posted on our website and via social media. I am grateful of the time you might give to reading the content enclosed again, particularly regarding our school policy on items not permitted in school, mobile phones and uniform. As always, our intention is to maintain the smooth running of school, the high standards we are both proud of and known for in the local and wider community and that safeguard the well being of our children. We hope you both appreciate and support these intentions and will encourage your child’s adherence to them.

The coming weeks will be busy ones as we prepare for our Whole School Open Evening and our Sixth Form Open Evening – both of which are busy and engaging events. We will formally celebrate the start of our new school year commencing this coming week with Year Masses. We are blessed that Masses will be celebrated by either Fr David, Fr Craig or Fr Carrick and will see a number of our Year 7 students serve at Mass for the first time – hopefully a life of service that will continue to grow whilst with us.

I hope that as parents/carers you will find this year a productive and exciting one and wish you every blessing as we commence this year’s journey together.