Headteacher’s Notice: 30 September 2022

Taken from the last issue of More News:

Hello, I hope this edition finds you well. As usual this edition of More News contains a range of different items of news for you to both read through and hopefully that you will find informative and of use.

We are well and truly in to the swing of this academic year. Our students have been most active in and around school. Open Evening proved to be a most productive evening for us all with significant numbers of our students acting as department ambassadors and tour guides for our visiting families. Our School Council have met as a group and have identified their items of focus for the coming year. Our Year 8 Mentors were presented during one of our recent Year 7 assemblies and are now engaged in supporting those students who may need a little additional support in settling into secondary school life. Our Youth SVP are equally as active in drawing together their plan of campaign for the next number of months, especially so with regards to the ongoing upkeep of our Live Simply Award.

We were also delighted to welcome a number of our Governing Body to school for Open Evening. Mrs Majewska, Mrs Manoila and Mr Kagaba spent the entirety of the evening speaking informally with our visiting families about their role as school governor but also providing their input and experience as parents and carers of children who are also at school with us.

As a Catholic school one of our most important areas of responsibility is to provide outreach for our families. One of the many ways to do this is to share as many aspects of our daily and  weekly prayer life as possible. Included in this edition are a variety of traditional prayers that we might use across the school year, some are used more frequently than others for example The Sign of the Cross, The Our Father, the Hail Mary and The Glory Be whilst others are used for specific purposes such as when we recite either the Apostles or Nicene  Creed  during our celebration of the Mass to give testimony to our faith. These prayers will remain a regular part of every edition but will feature new information as our Church or Liturgical Calendar changes across the year.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.