Headteacher’s Notice – 27 May 2022

Hello, I hope this edition of More News finds you all well. We are truly looking forward as a school to our May half term for a wide variety of reasons. When we return our Year 11 and 13 students will be well under way with their exams and in some cases these will be all but over. We will be nearing the end of another academic year together and will have one eye on the new academic year. The weather is always brighter and the suns seems to shine a little more which is always good for the psyche and our general wellbeing.

We have been busy in school this week as we celebrate our Year 13 Leaving. This is a year group to be proud of. They have faced a variety of challenges and have done so with resilience, fortitude, positivity and good grace. Whilst it is always sad to say good bye and is certainly bitter sweet, it is such an exciting time for them as students, for us as their teachers and you as their families to see them embrace a new stage of their lives and experience new beginnings.

We have also marked the month of May in school with the crowning of Our Lady. We are as always very grateful for the time Fr David gives to us as a school and faith community and were most appreciative of the thoughtful prayer service he wrote for us in honour of Our Lady. As a school, it was also a tremendous feeling to know that we joined with Catholic schools and parishes all across the country in crowning Our Lady but especially within our own local area and parishes.

As a school we have great news to celebrate as we have formally appointed Mrs Roberts to the position of Deputy Head teacher. I am truly appreciative of and grateful for the time, support provided and contribution made by our staff panel, student panel comprising firstly of our Young SVP and secondly of our School Council Executive, our Governing Body and Diocesan representatives in ensuring that this most important post was successfully secured for our school community. I was especially proud of our two student panels. Our Young SVP appraised and evaluated the assembly delivered by Mrs Roberts on the theme, ‘Our Lady, Queen of families’ and our School Council Executive spent time taking Mrs Roberts through a series of taxing questions regarding her vision for the role, our school and a variety of student centred concerns.

I am also so very proud of the ladies in our catering team who have baked and decorated a cake to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee. Their wonderful and most delicious creation has been donated to the St Newman Cluster Garden Party. I can just imagine how scrumptious it will taste.

We have completed compiling our new intake packs. These will be sent out to all incoming Year 7 today and will contain a host of detail and information especially regarding our Pastoral and Curriculum Induction Evening, our Induction Day and Summer School/Camo. Included in this edition of More News is a reminder to an older cohort of new starters, our incoming Year 12. Year 11 students are reminded to return their application slips to us asap, especially as their Induction Days will soon be upon us.