Headteacher’s Notice – 23 October 2020

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, I hope this edition finds you all well and safe especially during these concerning times. Despite having had need to close school for the week just gone, we are as a school quite pleased with the fact that we managed to stay open for the length of time we did. This is due in no small part to the vigilance undertaken by you at home and in addition the arrangements in place at school coupled with the fastidious approach adopted by both our children and staff.

We will have started the month of November upon our return after half term. This is an important month in the life of the Church and for us as a school. As a Catholic community we remember those of our school and parish families and at home who have died and are no longer with us. We remember the wonderful times we spent together, the lessons learned from them, the guidance and direction they provided, the love they shared with us and the promise that we will be with them again. As a country we also remember those who have given of their lives to ensure our liberty and safety. We will do likewise here at school. We will offer prayers in form for those who died belonging to our school, parishes and families. We will ask Fr Craig to offer Mass in the St Newman Cluster for the same intention and we will mark Remembrance Day on November 11th albeit in a virtual sense.

You will notice that there is a great deal of information enclosed within this edition relating to a variety of school issues. I would ask that you give some time to reading the detail outlined. As a school we regularly audit standards regarding uniform including hair styles, footwear and other fashion items. Communication has already been made with all Parents and Carers and in addition individual Parents and Carers where specific infringements have been noted and as of yet have not been addressed. It is expected that such matters are attended to prior to our return on November 2nd.

Important information is also enclosed with regards to Period 6 for Year 11, our amended schedule of meetings with our Year 11 students and a Parent or Carer regarding entrance to our Sixth Form for the coming academic year, the timetable for Year 11 PPE or Pre Public Examinations and in addition information regarding MyEd App. Again, all of the above are extremely significant to our school and require your support and engagement.

As a school we are finalising the detail needed in updating our provision for Remote Learning. We had hoped to have been better placed to roll this out prior to half term if needed but as significant investment is needed in ensuring that all members of our school community could be appropriately and adequately supported in accessing this from home we were not able to do as hoped. I do hope this allays the concerns of those Parents and Carers who queried its absence. On a positive note, it is worth highlighting and celebrating the engagement of our students with tasks set and further more the level of engagement between students and staff with regards to questions posed by our students. This has demonstrated our students determination and desire to do well and achieve.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.