Headteacher’s notice – 20 September 2019

Hello, I hope this edition finds you all well. As we are nearing the end of September, our first month back in school, as a Catholic school we reflect on the fact that this month is dedicated to Our Lady of Sorrows. This may seem a rather despondent title to afford someone but in actual fact it is one filled with hope. It asks us to reflect upon those in our lives who provide us with comfort, understanding, wisdom and guidance when we need it most. It also challenges us to consider how much stronger we are and can be when faced with difficult situations and circumstances and those just like the person of Mary, how we might serve as positive and influential role models for those around us.

As a school community we think of and pray especially for your neighbouring parishes. Most recently St Peter’s Catholic Parish in Bloxwich celebrated their 150th anniversary. A most wonderful Mass was celebrated on Saturday September 14th. Bishop Marcus Stock, formerly St Peter’s Parish Priest, concelebrated Mass with Fr. David, the current Parish Priest. The congregation was led in their singing by no less than three choirs – the Parish choir, a Nigerian choir and a Philipino choir – all of which reflect the diversity of the parish itself.

Equally exciting is the formation of the Newman Cluster – consisting of the following four parishes and under the guidance and leadership of Fr. Craig, these include St Joseph’s Darlaston, St Mary’s Willenhall, Holy Trinity Bilston and St Joseph’s on the Willenhall Road. As a school we look forward to join with the four parishes as we come together to celebrate the canonisation of Blessed John Henry Newman on October the 13th, after whom the cluster is named and from whom they draw their guidance and inspiration.

I would ask that you remember our Year 11 and 12 students in your prayers at present. Year 11 are mid way through their first round of period 6 intervention after school. These sessions are designed to focus on specific areas requiring additional direction and support. The aim being to ensure that students are being prepared in a steady and productive manner as they move towards their final GCSE exams. Our Year 12 student are currently sitting their Bridging Tests. These will allow us to assess their progress since starting their courses and ensure that each student is accessing the correct course content.

You may well have heard from your son/daughter that we are, as always, monitoring and addressing uniform issues and matters regarding mobile phones – all of which was included in the last edition. I have asked that information regarding uniform is enclosed again for parental/carer perusal and would seek your support and determination in ensuring that expectations are addressed and adhered to at home prior to children leaving for school.

Thank you.