Headteacher’s Notice – 11 September 2020

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Welcome back to our new academic year, particularly so if your child is joining our school for the first time. This time of year is a busy time as we settle back into the routine of school. It is of course an important time for our students, regardless of their Year group, as they get back into the demands of work, the need to be organised, to meet deadlines and to give of their best. I am sure they will find settling back into school all the easier because of our support, guidance and encouragement. We have included a range of suggestions in this edition that we hope will help should you have any queries as to how best to help your child commence this year in a positive and productive way. Of course the suggestions enclosed are by no means exhaustive. We would welcome any suggestions you may have used that have proven to be useful and will post them in our next edition.

Of course our return this year has been somewhat different to the usual given the need to engage with the guidance offered to all schools as a consequence of Covid 19. As a school we have worked with endeavour to ensure that we have made the building and lesson time as fit for purpose as possible without making our efforts overly concerning for our children. Whilst we will insist on adherence and compliance with and to all expectations and guidance it is also important that school remains a happy and contented learning environment. I have been most appreciative of your support, help and encouragement not only on our return but in the build up to it. I am also very much aware from discussions with our children that a great deal of time has been spent at home discussing how school will be different, why this is so and why it is essential that every student play their part.

Lessons are back and in full swing. As a consequence of our reorganisation of our school building into Learning Hubs, each year has their own area away from others and we are able to offer and deliver the full curriculum. I am sure you as Parents and Carers will appreciate the significance of this for our children given the amount of time missed away from the classroom. Again, may I thank you for all you are doing at home to support and encourage an attitude of engagement and positivity to learning. I have visited many lessons this week, as I regularly do across the week, and have been both impressed with the activities I have seen and the engagement of our children with these. I have also been direct with the exceptionally small number of students who may be finding it somewhat difficult in settling back and down to work in reminding them that if they fail to give of and do their best in every lesson they are also denying their classmate their right to have and do their best also.
We are most regretful of the fact that at the present moment in time we will not be able to meet with you as usual and look forward to the time when we can do so again soon. Until then please know that you remain in our thoughts and prayers. God bless,

Mrs S Bowen

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.