Headteacher’s Notice – 19 September 2023

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Dear Parents and Carers, I hope this edition of More News finds you well.

Firstly May I thank you for the diligence and care taken by you in making your child/children school ready. Your support in ensuring that:

  • uniform is in compliance with our expectations,
  • footwear is as per our school uniform policy,
  • school bags are part of the usual preparation for the school day,
  • punctuality to school is clearly a priority for you,

is truly appreciated and will go a long way to ensuring that your child/children get the best out of their time in school both daily and longer term.

There are a number of events being offered to you as Parents/Carers, all of which are designed to support your child’s/children’s progress and to help you best at those times when you are asked to help with students’ work at home.

On Thursday next, September 28th, all Year 11 Parents and Carers are invited to a Family Support Evening. The evening is intended to provide you with as much detail and guidance as possible in supporting your child from the outset in establishing a settled, methodical and organised approach to the completion of homework and in preparing for assessments across the year in addition to supporting their social, personal and emotional well-being.

Further to the above is our Homework/Study Support provision which will be available Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evening each week. This provision is free to all families, will include discreet Year specific venues inclusive of ICT provision and will be fully supervised.

Congratulations are certainly due for both our Year 7 and those new to our Sixth Form in Year 7. Our ‘new students’ are exceptionally smartly attired for school, are polite and respectful in their behaviour and have already brought so much in a positive way to our school community.

This coming week will see us conclude the celebration of our Beginning of Year Masses. Each Year group has gathered together to reflect upon our mission and calling as a Catholic school and caring community. In addition to this each student from Year 7 to 13 have taken time in their RE lessons to reflect on the word ‘Mission’, the need for all communities to have a mission statement and the practical manner in which having a mission statement should impact upon us in a practical way. This work will continue in the coming weeks and months as we review our current school mission statement. This practice will include our School Council, staff, students, Parents/Carers and our Board of Governors.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.