Headteacher’s Notice – 19 October 2021

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, I hope you are all well and looking forward to half term. I know we have often commented, whether as teachers, TAs, support staff or as Parents and Carers, that time seems to move so much quicker year on year but this seems particularly so this half term. I hope you have been pleased with the way in which your child or children have settled back into school since we reopened for this academic year. It is most important that if there is anything worrying or concerning you, or that you think we might be able to offer further support or guidance with, that you let us know as soon as is possible. We are keen to help and listen to how we might provide additional help or improve upon matters. I am not someone who thinks we have all the magic answers or indeed cannot do things differently and enjoy discussing matters and issues with you as Parents and Carers.

Closing for half term provides ample opportunity to reflect upon all we have achieved in the previous weeks. Our Year 7 and 12 students have settled in to school very well indeed and seem to be relishing every moment of their new ventures at school. Of course there have been some hiccups, there always will be, but it is pleasing to know that we have been able to resolve these quickly and to see happy, contented and enthusiastic students going about their business with a developing sense of purpose and confidence. I have been so very appreciative and proud of our older students who have given of their time and demonstrated great care, compassion and understanding in their support of those who may have needed it, be they new students to school or initiatives under way to help those less fortunate. An example of this is the growing donations of non perishable food stuffs arriving each day which will be donated to our local food banks through our feeder parishes.

I have also been thoroughly blown away by the many different acts of personal generosity, willingness of spirit, community orientated selflessness and honesty shown by our students. Two of our Year 7 found a bank card on the way to school and handed it in to our Reception immediately they arrived to school. Our Year 7 football team trained with enthusiasm and put up a good fight against the Year 7 team from Streetly losing by a single goal. Our Youth SVP have delivered talks in neighbouring parishes, have led assemblies and have welcomed Fr. Gerry into school to receive our Cafod Live Simply Award, and I could go on and on I am so proud!!

When we return from half term we will mark the month of Holy Souls in school. This is a most moving and poignant period of time for us as a community as it is when we remember those who have died, who are special to us and who may have given of their lives in defending our freedoms. Our weekly school masses will be offered in memory of those who have died and we will gather, albeit virtually, to commemorate Remembrance Day. This is a most thought provoking service which will be led by our Sixth Form Team.

Enclosed as always is a significant amount of material for you to read through as Parents and Carers. Please do so at your leisure and approach us at your convenience earliest convenience should you have any further queries.

Please also see the latest Covid-19 safety measures which have been reintroduced.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.