Headteacher’s notice – 18 July 2019

Hello, I would like to start this final edition of More News by thanking you as Parents/Carers for your continued support and encouragement. Any job undertaken is always easiest achieved and completed when there is team work. This is certainly the case when we consider the care, support, time and effort communally given by us all to the well being of our children.

We have had a truly exciting and enjoyable end of school year here. I hope that as many of you as our school would fit were able to attend this year’s whole school production of the Wizard of OZ. A truly exceptional performance on each of the three nights – we were well and truly transported to Oz along the yellow brick road and were more than happy to do so – particularly when led by our two adorable Totos – Bella the main star and Ella her understudy.

We have also had our End of Year trips to both Drayton Manor and Alton Towers – I am not sure who enjoyed what most – the students or the staff accompanying them.

We hosted Key Stage 3 Presentation Evening which was very well attended. What a joyous occasion and one that allowed us to not only celebrate the many and varied accomplishments and achievements of our students but in addition allowed us as staff and Parents/Carers the opportunity to meet and chat about the year gone and the year ahead.

It has been my pleasure to attend our End of Year Masses and to welcome both Fr David from St Peter’s in Bloxwich and Fr Craig from Holy Trinity Bilston and St Joseph’s on the Willenhall Road to school to celebrate the significant moment with us.

As is often the case the end of term and especially the end of an academic year is often bitter sweet. We look forward with excitement to our summer holidays but of course it often means we have a need to say goodbye to those who have important to us in a variety of ways. Enclosed are those members of staff who will say goodbye to St Thomas More Catholic School for a variety of reasons – retirement, new posts, change of career or end of contract with us in school.

Leaving staff members: Miss Wilson (Maths), Mr Lowe (Maths), Mr Humphreys (Maths), Miss Capewell (Art), Mrs Avery (RE), Mr Ferguson (TA), Mrs Paquis (Languages), Mrs Rogers (Exams), Mrs Begum (Science), Mr Plant (Georgraphy), Mr Smith (TA), Ms Blakemore (Admin, Ms Wolf (German), Mrs Rogers (Finance), Mr Moore (Science), Miss Bradnick (English), Miss Vaughan (English), Miss Barry (Geography).

As is the case at the end of an academic year we have as a school reflected on certain practices and considered how best to amend for the year to come – at the heart of our reflection is the well being of our students, school and wider community. Over the course of the summer holidays you will receive communication from me regarding certain amendments we have with respect to school uniform, with particular reference to our girls and in addition the use of mobile phones in school during the school day. I am hopeful that on reading the communication to be sent, you will as Parents/Carers appreciate and understand our reasons for doing so and even more so will support us in doing so.

I do hope that your holiday and time spent with your families will be restful and peaceful. I ask that God will bless you all and keep you safe and I look forward top seeing you on our return in September.

God bless.