Headteacher’s Notice – 16 December 2022

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello there, I hope this edition of More News finds you all well and in readiness for Christmas. As a school community we have particularly spent the last four weeks deeply involved and engaged in our practical and spiritual preparation for Christmas. Students and staff have joined together in our endeavours to gather and collect a range of donations for our various charities ranging from toys to toiletries and non perishable food items to clothing, bedding and sanitary goods. In addition to this we have gathered together for our Advent Services, have created Advent Wreaths and have dedicated our time in Morning Prayer to the needs of those who socially vulnerable, affected by war, prejudice and discrimination or who are in need, are isolated or ill.

As we close for our Christmas holidays our Year 13 students are preparing for their PPE exams not long after our return in January. Students have been provided with revision materials, clarity regarding the papers they will sit and have been taken
through particular methods and strategies for effective revision. Please do keep them in your prayers as they continue to prepare.

As Parents and Carers you will be aware that there are certain expectations regarding students’ attendance and punctuality to school. Unfortunately whilst our standards have not changed it would seem that those of a significant number of our students have. Over the last two weeks in particular we have launched a determined and proactive response to those who are not complying. This approach is already showing dividends and will be a practice that will both continue and be expanded upon as we return after Christmas. As Parents and Carers you will receive detailed information reaffirming our expectations and how as our Parents and Carers your support will be called upon and needed.

As we close for Christmas our prayers are with you and we ask that God our Father will bless you with the peace, joy and many blessings of the Christmas season.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.