Headteacher’s Notice – 15 May 2020

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, I do hope this edition of More News continues to find you all well. Again, I must begin by extending my sincere thanks to you as our Parents/Carers for your continued support, encouragement and unfailing resilience over recent weeks.

As always, it continues to gives us great pride when we are able to commend our students regarding their industriousness and motivation with respects to their studies and general attitude. Enclosed in this edition are further examples of exemplary pieces of work completed at home and punctually submitted to teachers. Equally, those students who have been selected for particular recognition are highlighted. What is wonderful to be able to say is that this is indicative of the general approach demonstrated by the wider student population.

Since our last edition three of our students represented St Thomas More Catholic School during Friday morning Mass in the St Newman Cluster. Cain, Millie and Tayte delivered the first reading, responsorial psalm, gospel acclamation and prayers of the faithful on Friday last. This certainly was ‘a first’ for us as it required us to record all three delivering their individual readings and send them along to Fr Craig so that he could include them as part of the live streaming of Mass. I am extremely grateful to the parents of all three students who gave their permission and equally so to our six remaining students who supported their peers and joined in with all the responses. Reward points have been issued to all nine students for their contribution to the Catholic life of our school and texts were sent home recognising their contribution.

As we seem to live and communicate more and more in a ‘virtual’ world at present, it was hardly surprising to see our first ‘virtual coffee morning’ take place yesterday, Thursday May 14th across the St Newman Cluster. Images are enclosed. Please do go to the cluster Facebook page and newsletter for further details should you feel inclined to participate in next Thursday’s gathering. There is always room for tea and cake. Or at least that is my excuse!

This week will see the departure of our ‘little visitors’ from St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School. In keeping with the directive that primary school’s open from June 1st to students in Reception, Years 1 and 6, Mrs Hinton, her teaching and support staff and their children will say cheerio and return to school. We will be sorry to see them leave and intend to have a celebration party/picnic before they do. They have been a pleasure to host and are a real credit to their school and families.
In keeping with the above, we are nearing the conclusion of our planning for bringing our Year 10 and Year 12 students to school, again as directed by central government. In doing so, we are ensuring that due consideration and time is dedicated to ensuring that we can adequately and effectively comply with all Health and Safety guidance to ensure social distancing and expectations regarding hygiene whilst at the same time providing productive learning experiences for students whilst with us. Clearly provision will not be ‘as usual’ or ‘as normal’ but regardless we are and will work with endeavour to ensure that it will be business as usual in as much as that is possible. Details of this provision will be published within the next two weeks. This same approach will apply also for those students who are in Years 7 – 9 and again according to central government directive will not be required to return to school until September.

It is always lovely and encouraging to receive positive affirmation for the work we do with your children and in support of yourselves as Parents/Carers. Below are some examples of the most recent communication received by school.

“Hi, Thank you for all the hard work that has been put in since we have been home schooling! I feel St Thomas More have kept me up to date, the lessons have been coming through and communication has been excellent from teachers. Eoghan’s technology, English and geography lessons have been interesting and easy to do whilst at home. His maths and science ones are quite difficult (suppose it’s down to the nature of the subjects).”

“Dear Mrs Bowen. Thank you for this feedback I will pass on to Tayte. Thanks again for your support and who work to develop the children at school. God bless you kind regards Maria.”

“Thank you so much for the lovely card and kind condolences Mrs Bowen.”

As always, should there be any issues or concerns that you need support or assistance in addressing I would urge you to contact us at your earliest convenience and we will do our best to offer you the advice and help you may need.

Until our next edition, please do take care and God bless.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.