Headteacher’s notice – 14 February 2020

Taken from our latest issue of More News:

Hello, as we close for half term I would like to thank you all for your consistent support and help. We continue to welcome our children into school each morning in full school uniform, equipped for the day and ready for work. We are most grateful to all those parents and carers who have supported us in our ongoing efforts to improve attendance and punctuality by setting the standard at home or by challenging their children’s approach when contacted by us to suggest that all is not as it should be. We are also most appreciative of the time taken by parents and carers in ensuring that homework is completed, tests and mocks are prepared for, essays and coursework drafts submitted punctually and Parents’ and Information Evenings attended. Without your support in all of the above the work we do together would be unachievable.

I am also very grateful to those members of staff who are providing revision and support sessions during half term. A great deal of work continues to be done to encourage and support our Year 11 and Sixth Form students as we move towards their final exams beginning in May. Again, the benefits of which would be all the harder to achieve without your interest and endeavour.

On our return Year 11 will commence their next and last round of mock exams. On March 9th Year 10 will commence theirs. In both instances these mock exams are essential in identifying where and why certain students may require additional intervention and will inform the approaches to be taken in support of your child’s progress. It is therefore important that students within both Year groups devote the time needed to prepare for these exams.

On Wednesday February 26th we will celebrate Ash Wednesday. As a Catholic school this is a most important festival and season of the Church. As a Catholic community and school we will commence our period of reflection upon the needs of others and the personal contribution we can make in creating a fair and just community for all. Students and staff will commence our fundraising campaigns and as is traditional, will adopt a variety of worthwhile charities to support.

As part of our ongoing faith life we will also remember that March is the month dedicated to St Joseph. We will reflect upon the role of St Joseph in the life of Jesus, his role as head of the Holy Family and his inspirational characteristics including courage, compassion, wisdom, endeavour and faith. We will especially remember the children, staff and parents /carers of St. Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Darlaston and the parishioners of both St Joseph’s Parish in Darlaston and on the Willenhall Road, for whom this month holds special significance.

I do hope that you will enjoy a peaceful, safe and enjoyable half term holiday as a family and look forward to seeing you soon.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.