Headteacher’s notice – 10 May 2019

Mrs S Bowen


I hope you are well. Can you believe we are halfway through May and are nearly upon May half term? Where has this year gone? As I mix with our students at break and lunch time and drop in and out of their lessons, I am particularly drawn to considering our Year 7 students and have been taken aback somewhat by the fact that this time last year they were about to commence their SATS and have now almost completed their first year with us.

With this in mind, I would ask you to remember all those taking exams at this time. Our students commence their GCSE, AS and A Level exams in earnest, whilst those in Year 6 in our feeder schools commence their SATS. I have written to the Head Teachers of all those schools connected to us in one way or another to wish both them and their staff and relevant students good luck. We have also offered Mass for their intentions.

This is also a special month for us both as a Catholic school and as part of the church. May is traditionally the month when we remember the role Mary played in the life of Jesus and of the church. We also remember the inspiration and role model she provides for us as ordinary people – she is a source of courage, she lived life as a disciple, a refugee, a mother, a leader for others and a source of comfort for those in pain. Enclosed in this edition are examples of the prayers we say to Mary and a selection of the titles or names we use to refer to her, demonstrating the importance she holds for us.

We have just held our interviews for Head Boy and Girl and their deputies. I am very proud to announce that the following have been appointed as Head Boy and Girl – Chander and Courtney. The following as Deputy Head Boy – Luke and King. And the Following as Deputy Head Girl – Jagoda and Melissa. I will ensure that they are included in our next edition so that they may introduce themselves to you and explain their hopes and intentions whilst in role.

Our Year 7 and 8 students arrived back from their retreat in Alton Castle on Friday. They departed from St Thomas More on Wednesday mid day full of the joys of spring and returned just after lunch on Friday – still full of the joys of spring but a little tired and with bags full of washing!! I am very proud to say that they were exceptionally well behaved, gave everything they could to their retreat and were complimented by not only our staff but also those staff working at Alton and visiting with another school.

Our Year 12 students continue to fund raise for their pilgrimage to Lourdes. We leave the first week of our summer holidays and will spend a week tending to the needs of those in Lourdes who are unable to do so for themselves. We are also joined this year by parishioners from Holy Trinity in Bilston and St Joseph’s on the Willenhall Road.

You will also notice in this edition that ticket sales have opened for this year’s whole school production – The Wizard of Oz. Please do purchase your tickets as early as possible – I am confident this will be yet another outstanding production and tickets will sell out quickly.

Until next time. God bless.