Headteacher’s Notice – 1 October 2021

Taken from the latest issue of More News:

Hello, well autumn is certainly here. I hope you have managed to escape the rain and survived the stormy winds that have accompanied it. With that in mind, as the weather is beginning to turn cold and often inclement please do send your child to school with an outdoor coat etc. I know amongst many of our students this will seem far from fashionable but it will certainly help to fend off the colder climes and temperatures as winter really does grab hold.

As a Catholic school we will especially remember Our Lady and even more so the rosary which is dedicated to her honour and used as means of prayer and communication. During this month we are encouraged to use the rosary in our daily prayer life and to use the Hail Mary as a way of praying to Our Lady to ask for her help and support. We are also actively engaged in collecting for our Harvest Festival. All non-perishable goods collected will be donated to The Good Shepherd Ministry via Fr Craig and the Newman Cluster. We also send some of our donations to foodbanks within the Bloxwich area via Fr David from St Peter’s in Bloxwich.

This leads me to one of the highlights of our week and indeed this term. We have been able to welcome Fr David back into school on Wednesday mornings to celebrate weekly mass with our students This was one of the most difficult and heart felt losses of the restrictions placed upon us by Covid but thankfully we are now able to fully open our chapel doors again and with due measures in place are able to celebrate weekly.

Enclosed in this edition of More News are so many ‘good news’ stories. Please take your time to read through and look at the information detailing Open Evening, our SVP students participation in Mass at St Chad’s Cathedral, Our Good Samaritan Week with its specific focus on the environment, our Roald Dahl competition winners and our Catholic Leadership recipients.

Most important is our advert for our Sixth Form Open Evening which will be held on Thursday, October 7th, from 5.00 – 8.00 pm. This is always a most popular evening and attended by a large number of external students who are keen to see what they must achieve to secure not only entrance to our Sixth Form but even more so entrance to the subjects of their choice. This year we have secured the attendance of a number of our local universities such as University of Birmingham, Newman University, BCU and also deliveries from Apprenticeship bodies and Careers. To prepare for this evening and to allow our current Year 11 students the time and space to think ahead and to continue formulating their plans for the coming two years, we have held our Sixth Form Meetings across Wednesday, Thursday and Friday of this week. This has allowed us to appraise the potential make up of our option blocks for the coming Year 12 whilst discussing those all important pastoral and academic needs of our students with both them and their Parents and Carers.

Lastly, you will also find a copy of the letter published earlier this week outlining plans currently held by Public Health Walsall and the NHS to deliver Covid vaccinations to those 12 – 15 year olds with Parental and Carer consent. Please do read the information provided and should you have any further questions or concerns contact Public Health Walsall at your earliest convenience. As a school we are remain relatively untouched with regards to Covid concerns in school. However, the growing situation in local authorities would suggest that infection rates are on the rise and especially within schools. It is therefore important that as families you continue to test regularly. As staff we continue to do so twice weekly. Please do not send your child or children to school if they are demonstrating any of the symptoms associated with Covid. Please seek a PCR test if your child’s LFT test is positive and please keep your child or children at home until their results are returned and suggest that they are negative. We continue to encourage all staff and students to wear masks within school and to sanitise and socially distance where possible.

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Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.