Good Samaritan Week

Good Samaritan Week will take place 8-12 February 2021.

Please remember that we will be celebrating Good Samaritan Week in school from Monday. This is always a special week for us because it reminds us to stop and think of others, in the same way as the Good Samaritan took the time to stop and think of the injured man he found on the road side.

Our mission in this Good Samaritan Week is to do something each day which shows our love and concern for others. What could we do to show them that we care? Each day of the week students will be asked to do something special. Form tutors will be sending a Good Samaritan card for students to fill in each day – there will be daily suggestions on the Collective Worship PowerPoint to help students decide what they could do.

If students complete a Good Samaritan activity each day, they will be given a Good Samaritan achievement certificate and earn reward points. Form tutors will be waiting to hear about all the wonderful things students have done.

As we are also marking our Well-being Week what better time to do both. In looking after others we are not only supporting and encouraging their well-being but we are enhancing our own spiritual and emotional well-being. Please help your child to complete the activities on their Good Samaritan card and join us in being Good Samaritans.