Get Reading This Summer!

Our ambition at STM is to ensure that every child leaves us a reader!

The benefits of reading are countless. Naturally, reading improves the educational outlook for students, ensuring that they have a broader vocabulary and understanding of a range of subject-specific topics. However, there are also enormous wellbeing benefits associated with developing healthy reading habits.

Here are five ways you can support your child to be a reader this summer:

  1. myON – STM have invested in a virtual library package – all students from Y7-Y13 have been trained in this software by their form tutors and they can log into this from home to share the reading materials with their families. There are over 6,000 books to choose from and this summer there are also STM Reading Challenges to engage in. The students who engage most in the projects will be rewarded in the new school year.
  2. Summer Reading Challenge – Take a look at this Summer Reading Challenge Website. Local libraries are also engaging with this project that launches on Saturday, 10th July.
  3. Check out the Diverse Books | The Diverse Book Awards and read a text as a family from one of the categories. ‘Sharing a story’ with a more fluent reader is a highly effective way to encourage comprehension and confidence with reading.
  4. Listen to texts – whether this be via a podcast/audio book streaming stories or using the free recording of books on Alexa or YouTube – listening to stories can improve vocabulary acquisition and retention in young people. If you haven’t done so already you could also look back at our ‘First Chapter Fridays’ and listen to STM teachers reading the opening of their favourite stories. Perhaps you could find a copy of your favourite in a local library and read the book as a whole?
  5. Talk about stories – stories are everywhere! Encourage your child to read everything from the local newspaper to the ingredients list to follow a recipe. Students need to be exposed to words between 4-20 times to commit them to the long term memory. Every new reading experience equips young people with new words, which will benefit them hugely in school.

Happy reading and enjoy your summer.

Teacher of English | + posts

Mrs E Taylor-Hamblett teaches English at St Thomas More Catholic School. She is also Literacy Lead Across Curriculum.