Students in school are welcomed and encouraged to use GCSEpod as a online resource for homework, revision and preparation for assessments and independent studying.  The benefits of using this platform from the data that is provided and our experience is significant.  It is reported that “high users” are likely to achieve better results and outcomes than non-users.  Year 10 and Year 11 will find this of great support to them across the GCSE period.  We shared the use and benefits with parents who were able to attend the year 11 family support evening prior to half term and most recently with year 10 parents on Thursday evening last week.  To demonstrate for you the easy way it works and the benefits your child will gain from it here are some materials that you will find helpful.  Why not log in with your child and look around at what it has to offer, the subjects, the resources and the activities (questions and quizzes and study skills).  I hope you find if of great support and interest.


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Deputy Headteacher at St Thomas More Catholic School.