Before the examinations


You will receive an individual timetable showing your own specific examinations with details of date, time, and duration of exam, venue and seat number as well as your date of

Hopefully, this page will prove informative and helpful for you and your parents. Please read it carefully and show it to your parents so that they are also aware of the examination birth.  Check it carefully.  If you think something is wrong see Mrs Dawsin, Exams Officer, in the Exams Office (G84) immediately.  The personal details you see here will appear on any certificates you achieve so it is important to check it now eg. Spelling of your name, date of birth etc.  If mistakes are noticed after certificates are printed you will have to pay the exam board charge of £37 to correct them.

Some candidates have clashes where two subjects are timetabled at the same time. Your Exams Officer will make arrangements for clashes to be dealt with before the actual date of the exam.  You must check your individual timetable and see Mrs Dawson if you are unsure what to do.  If you think there is a clash on your timetable that has not been resolved, please see Mrs Dawson immediately.

Please pay particular attention to the start times of your exams.  Misreading your timetable is not accepted as a valid excuse for missing an exam. 

Examination boards

The school uses the following Examination Boards: AQA, Edexcel, OCR and WJEC.

Candidate name

Candidates are entered under the name format of First Name + (Legal) Surname, e.g. Adam Smith. 

Candidate number

Each candidate has a four-digit candidate number. This is the number you will enter on ALL  examination papers.  It will appear next to your name on seating plans and examination registers.   Please learn your candidate number.  It will not change throughout your time at this school.


In addition to a candidate number, each candidate must have a Unique Candidate Identifier (12 numbers and 1 letter) which is shown on the top of statements of entry.  This number will usually begin with the Centre Number (20881) unless you have transferred from another school that had already issued your UCI.  Your UCI is used for administration purposes and it is not necessary for you to remember it.


From January 2014, all candidates are required to also have a Unique Learner Number (ULN).  These are issued by the Learner Records Service to students aged 13 and above.  This number will be transferred with you, if you change schools or move on to further education in order that all of your exam results are trackable.

Contact numbers

Please check that school has at least one up-to-date contact number for you.


Make sure you have all the correct equipment before your examinations eg BLACK pens only,  pencils, maths equipment, calculator. Equipment will NOT be available in the exam hall.