E-safety at Thomas More

The importance of E-safety needs to be considered both at home and at school. It’s vital that our children are aware of the dangers of using the Internet and the consequences of not using it safely.

Based on preliminary results conducted from our KS3 pupils in Year 7 and Year 8 the following tips should be taken into consideration when using the internet safely.

Tips for students

  • Before posting anything online you should think about the impact what you do might have on another person, your future and the consequences of that content.
  • To keep safe online you should not post your full name and address, where you live and your school.
  • If someone is being bullied talk to an adult you trust (parent, carer, and teachers) and keep evidence of it, Report, Block and Ignore.
  • Online grooming can take place in real life by both men and woman.

Tips for parents

Take age-appropriate precautions

  • 13 years old to use Facebook.
  • 13 years old to use Instagram.
  • 13 years old to use Snap Chat.
  • 8 years old to use Roblox.
  • 16 years old to use WhatsApp.

With young children:

  • Use technology in a shared family room.
  • Check the age rating of the games your child plays.
  • Develop trust
  • Listen to your child

Danger signs you should look out for

If your child is:

  • Using technology excessively.
  • Staying online through the night.
  • Being secretive about what they are doing.
  • Behaving very differently in what they wear, their attitudes or friends.
  • Receiving gifts or money from unknown sources.

These signs may all be perfectly innocent of course, but remember to always talk to your child. Be supportive.

Finally….Use the internet safely and responsibly!