Dancers leave audience speechless

Walsall Catholic Schools Dance Festival took place on Wednesday 3rd April at Walsall Town Hall. It was the first time St Thomas More had participated in the event, for many years. The theme was left to individual schools to decide so I considered the Easter theme with Easter celebrations upon us.

The team members are Natalia, Tia, Beth Aimee, Jack, Maddison, Georgia and Charlotte. The whole team performed amazingly showing off their individual passion for dance and drama. The audience were stunned by the performance and with the final lift of Charlotte being placed on the cross you could hear a pin drop.

Mrs Keeling who organised the festival said she was blown away and was looking forward to us entering again to demonstrate what the junior schools could aspire to achieve. Thank you dancers for your outstanding performance and exceptional behaviour on the day.

Aimee said, ‘It was great I hope we can do it again next year.’ Maddison said, ‘We should enter a competition with this dance Ms Hawkins’.