Subject Leader:

Mrs R Memi

Subject supports the whole school curriculum intent statement by ensuring:

Students in KS5:
• Subject supports the whole school curriculum intent statement by ensuring:
• Student experience a rich curriculum studying a variety of topics within sociology such as education, beliefs in society and crime and deviance. Topics are delivered using a variety of methods to suit learners.
• Develop their numeracy skills during research methods delivery
• Develop literacy skills by preparing students to answer a variety of exam questions using subject specific vocabulary
• The curriculum enhances students cultural understanding and cultural differences within topics are discussed.
• Students are assessed on a topic being delivered every fortnight and a summative assessment is given at the end of each term.
• Students are being prepared for life beyond school by educating students about human behaviour and why such behaviours exist.
Independence is nurtured through a variety of teaching and learning methods including self and peer assessment
• Students are consistently engaging with a challenging curriculum that prepares them for further education.

Curriculum Journey:

Extra-curricular Information:

External visitor talks

Possible areas of future study:

Health and social care
Business studies

Possible future careers:

Advertising and marketing, employment in charities, law, education, public sector, recruitment and HR and social care

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