Subject Leader:

Mrs R Memi

Students in KS5:

• Subject supports the whole school curriculum intent statement by ensuring:
• Student experience a rich curriculum studying a variety of topics within psychology such as schizophrenia, forensic psychology & attachments. Topics are delivered using a variety of methods to suit learners.
• Develop their numeracy skills during research methods delivery
• Develop literacy skills by preparing students to answer a variety of exam questions using subject specific vocabulary
• The curriculum enhances students cultural understanding and cultural differences within topics are discussed. Mental development is enhanced during the delivery of psychopathology which focuses on mental disorders such as OCD, depression and phobias.
• Students are assessed on a topic being delivered every fortnight and a summative assessment is given at the end of each term.
• Students are being prepared for life beyond school by educating students about human behaviour and why such behaviours exist.

Curriculum Journey:

Extra-curricular Information:

External visitor talks
Possible areas of future study:
Health and social care
Business studies

Possible future careers:

Public and private healthcare, education, mental health support, social work, human resources, therapy and counselling

Additional help/support/links:

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