MidYIS Tests – Year 7

At the end of Term 1 all Y7 students will sit a computerised, adaptive test called MidYIS.

The test assesses for key cognitive areas:

  • Vocabulary – word fluency and understanding
  • Maths – logical thinking, manipulating numbers and numerical concepts
  • Non-verbal – ability to recognise shapes, match patterns, apply spatial awareness and visual intuition
  • Skills – proof reading, perceptual speed and accuracy

The data generated by the tests will be used in school to ensure appropriate challenge and/or support is provided for students in lessons. The results make up one part of the full range of assessment currently being used in school to support student progress.

The tests produce ‘standarised’ scores for each student. The overall score will be shared on students Y7 AP1 report.

The ‘average’ standardised score is 100. Any students scoring above 130 are in the top 2% of students in the national sample.