Key Stage 4

All Year 9-11 students are following the new 9-1 AQA specification. All students study Biology, Chemistry and Physics at GCSE level. We offer two courses, either combined or separate sciences.

Combined science: all students at a minimum study combined science. It is worth 2 GCSE’s and is a combination of Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At the end of year 11 students will sit 6 1h 15min papers each worth 70 marks.

Separate science: students can choose separate science as an option at GCSE. It is worth 3 separate GCSE’s in Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At the end of Year 11 students sit 6 1h 45min papers each worth 100 marks. 

The following topics are studied at GCSE for both combined and separate science: 


  • B1 cells 
  • B2 organisation 
  • B3 infection and response 
  • B4 bioenergetics
  • B5 homeostasis and response 
  • B6 inheritance, variation and evolution 
  • B7 ecology 


  • C1 atomic structure 
  • C2 bonding, structure and the properties of matter 
  • C3 quantitative chemistry 
  • C4 chemical changes 
  • C5 energy changes 
  • C5 rates of reaction 
  • C7 organic chemistry 
  • C8 chemical analysis 
  • C9 chemistry of the atmosphere 
  • C10 using resources 


  • P1 energy 
  • P2 electricity 
  • P3 particle model of matter 
  • P4 atomic structure 
  • P5 forces 
  • P6 waves 
  • P7 magnetism and electromagnetism