Creative media

Key Stage 4

This offers the opportunity for authentic work related learning, but more than this, it will require learners to consider how the use and application of their learning affects individuals, employers, society and the environment. The applied purpose will also enable learners to learn in such a way that they develop:

  • Skills required for independent learning and development.
  • A range of generic and transferable skills.
  • The ability to solve problems.
  • The skills of project based research, development and presentation.
  • The fundamental ability to work alongside other professionals, in a professional environment.
  • A range of technical skills related to the creative and media sectors of art and design, media, music and performance.

Curriculum overview

Year 9

Students go through a range of engaging mini projects that are used to ingrain a strong understanding of the professional software Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Projects include:

  • Create your own Fifa Ultimate team card and Miniature world- Using the software Adobe Photoshop and focusing on a variety of skills such as layer masks, warping, gradient tools and many more.
  • Geometric Portraits- Using the software Adobe Illustrator and focusing on a variety of skills such as the pen and line tool and the live paint bucket tool.

Year 10

Preparation for coursework- Continuing to build on fundamental skills gained from Year 9.

Students embark on their Unit 2 Coursework (25%) – Creating an outcome in response to a brief. Students assigned the brief of creating an outcome for a festival of their choice. They will then go through a professional process of researching competitors and identifying their target audiences before beginning the creative process.

Year 11

Unit 3- Skills development in Print Media Production Coursework (50%) – Students have the freedom to create a company based around their interests and hobbies. They will then follow a similar structure to unit 2, but complete a wider range of designs.

  • Unit 1 Examination work.

Teaching methods and student organisation

Classes in Year 9 and 10 receive three lessons per week. All classes are organised on a mixed ability basis. Classes are taught through a variety of different teaching strategies.

Progression after Key Stage 4

This course can lead on to Media Studies and Film Studies AS and A2 levels, as well as a range of vocational design and creative courses. The course focuses on real-life media and design scenarios as well as involvement with real media companies and should provide an excellent foundation for students’ future career aspirations.



Y9 Art Concept Map 124.22 KB 16 downloads

Curriculum concept map or supporting file for Art and Media – Year 9


Y10 Art Concept Map 105.94 KB 15 downloads

Curriculum concept map or supporting file for Art and Media – Year 10