Key Stage 3

Curriculum overview

Students in KS3 study drama once every two weeks and explore one scheme of work per term over seven lessons.

Year 7

By the end of Year 7 students should:

  • Understand and demonstrate the basic social and group skills necessary for meaningful drama to take place (listening, observation, concentration, co-operation).
  • Work in mixed groups of varying sizes (including individually), developing the ability to negotiate and make decisions as part of a group.
  • Understand how use of space, movement and voice communicate meaning.
  • Begin to understanding and use the explorative strategies of drama.
  • Reflect and evaluate their own work and that of others with an awareness of their own strengths and weaknesses.

Year 8

By the end of Year 8 students should:

  • Consolidate and deepen their understanding of the explorative strategies, drama medium and elements of drama that are used to create structured and effective drama.
  • Discuss and analyse the issues and themes involved in their work and the work of others.
  • Recognise and use the conventions and form of script when reading and writing scenes.
  • Develop their ability to reflect upon and respond constructively and sensitively to the work produced.

Progression after Key Stage 3

Students can opt to study BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Performing Arts (Acting).

They can then choose to progress further and specialise further in Performing Arts at Key Stage 5.

Extra-curricular activities and events

All students have the opportunity to take part in a drama club which runs on Monday afternoons from 3pm to 4pm.

Students can also get involved with the annual school musical production which is held in July each year. Rehearsals normally commence around March and take place two times each week.