Design and Technology

Subject Leader:

Mr L Dutton

Subject supports the whole school curriculum intent statement by ensuring:

Students in KS3:

Key Stage 3 design and technology aims to prepare students for living and working in an ever-changing world by being adaptable and aware of the impact of their decision making on the environment. To enable pupils to develop their design and technology capability through combining their designing and making skills with knowledge and understanding in order to design and make products.

The Key Stage 3 design and technology curriculum gives the pupils the opportunity to build sound knowledge and understanding of the subject through a number of tasks which enables them to work through a variety of design contexts whilst gaining practical experience using a range of materials.

Students in KS4:

Learning design and technology at school helps to prepare young people for living and working in an ever-changing world. It also emphasises the need to prepare young people to be adaptable in acquiring new knowledge and skills. Design and Technology is a popular subject at KS4 and supports the delivery of mathematics, English and science. Students cover a range of academic and practical skills in design and technology which allows pupils to develop as a person as well as a learner.

Students in KS5:

Students will build upon the design skills that have already completed during their engineering course to develop their design, analytical and evaluative skills allowing them to become thoughtful and considerate product designers. Ethical design and environmental considerations will also be developed including how the design industry functions at a global competitive and effective level.

Curriculum Journey:

In Year 7 pupils are given the opportunity to learn and develop practical skills and knowledge of materials in three media areas. The pupils are then encouraged to apply the processes taught in focused tasks to mini projects. In Year 8 pupils develop further skills in each of the media areas to produce more imaginative practical answers to the problems and design briefs set. Year 9 pupils refine skills that will support them with their option choices should they choose one of the Design and Technology options.

In year 10 and 11 students will opt for one of the following options:

• OCR Engineering Design
• Eduqas Hospitality and Catering
• OCR Fashion and Textiles (Year 10)

They will study the course format learning key practical skills and subject knowledge to successfully complete the coursework and examination elements.

In years 12 and 13 students can opt to study A Level Design where they will further explore the design industry, expand on design skills previously learned and develop independent learning in the subject. The majority of year 12 is spent completing preparation products and knowledge assessments, that will prepare them for the coursework project and 2 exams they have to complete at the end of the course.

Extra-curricular Information:

Pupils in Key Stage 3 are welcome to seek additional assistance with homework tasks during lunchtimes in G42/G44 where there is access to computers and one to one support from staff. Extra support is available for students after school by all Design and Technology Staff including the use of home work club.

Pupils at Key Stage 4 are provided with regular intervention classes in the evenings to support those students who require extra help or wish to further improve their grade.

Possible areas of future study:

The Design, Catering, Construction and Engineering subject areas offer many opportunities to progress including university courses, apprenticeships and other training courses, some paid and some are funded to encourage recruitment.

Possible future careers:

Designer, CAD Designer, Product Engineer, Product Designer, Mechanical Engineer, Aerospace Engineer, Automotive Engineer, Surveyor, Architect, Trades Person, Construction Manager, Chef, Cook, Fast Food Employee, Restaurant Manager, Hotel Management.

Additional help/support/links:

Parents and carers can support their child by monitoring the completion of homework on a weekly basis as well as revising key topics for all assessments. Wider reading around different topic areas is strongly encouraged to develop a greater sense of Technology. The library at school is well stocked with materials as well as a collection in department, and the following websites will support in further learning: