Subject Leader:

Mr D Barnsley

Subject supports the whole school curriculum intent statement by ensuring:

Students in KS3: develop good numeracy skills that can be used across the curriculum, as well developing problem-solving strategies to help them break up any problem into manageable pieces.

Students in KS4: further develop their understanding of mathematical concepts, especially in areas like algebra, statistics and geometry. These are all used in a variety of different subject areas.

Students in KS5: we offer both A level maths and further maths so that pupils have the opportunity to truly deepen their understanding of mathematics

Curriculum Journey:

Extra-curricular Information:

we offer the opportunity to compete in the UK maths Challenge. We also offer a maths and a chess club. In addition, a number of trips are offered throughout the year to show how maths is used in the wider world.

Possible areas of future study:

Mathematics, Computer science, all sciences, psychology,

Possible future careers:

accountancy, teaching, anything to do with Physics, medicine, psychiatrist, computer science, stock market.

Additional help/support/links:

please refer to the videos on the website