Covid safety measures remain in place

Dear Parents and Carers, I attended a briefing for all Head teachers in Walsall yesterday. The most significant piece of information for us as a school, for your children as students and for yourselves as Parents and Carers is that Covid measures will remain in Walsall schools for the foreseeable future. 

To be clear, this means children must:

  • continue to wear masks
  • to hand sanitise
  • test twice weekly, 
  • report positive results, 
  • seek a PCR if necessary 
  • remain at home if symptomatic and 
  • to be fully compliant with all Covid measures

It is crucial that we continue to have your full support with all of the enclosed.

Thank you.

Mrs Bowen

Headteacher | + posts

Mrs S Bowen is the Headteacher of St Thomas More Catholic School.