Communication for Students

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all well. Now, in the midst of last night’s news from No 10 and the emails and communication I had to send to staff and to your Parents and Carers I did not manage to send anything to yourselves as our students. I deliberately decided not to last night partly because it was too late by the time I was finished communicating with everyone else and also because I needed time to think about what I wanted to say to you all. So, firstly I want you to do as we would ask and guide you to do if you were in here in school with us, which is – to do your best. Your teachers sprang into action last night as soon as I contacted them and started to put your work on Teams. Many have been in to school already to collect the materials and resources they need to deliver your lessons and to ensure that they can do all they can to help and support you in the weeks to come. It is really important  that you fully engage with all parts of the remote learning that will be provided for you over the coming weeks, this also includes homework tasks  which will be set on Show My Homework for you as usual. Please ask you family to let us know as soon as is possible if there is any reason why you cannot participate or engage and we will do our very best to support and help you.

I know some of you may feel anxious being away from school. You are more than welcome to use your student email to contact your Form Tutor, Head or Assistant Head of Year, Head of Key Stage or myself should you wish to. You are also more than welcome to communicate with your class teacher if you are concerned about any aspect of your school work. I know they will do their best to respond to you as quickly as possible. Please remember that they will also have your classmates to support in addition to the children they teach in other classes and in other year groups or key stages. So please be patient if they do not respond straight away.

I can fully appreciate the sense of concern that some of you may have felt last night, especially if you are in Years 11 and 13,  when Mr Johnson announced that there will be significant changes to the examination system for this year. Please rest assured that we are as concerned as you whilst we await further confirmation as to how this will work, what these changes will look like and what they will mean for you as our students. Our main concern at present is to ensure that you are fully supported in the work you are engaging with at present, especially if you are preparing for the current round of external vocational examinations, and that you have all you need to complete tasks whilst engaging with remote learning whilst at home. Again, please do not hesitate to contact the Year 11 or Sixth Form Pastoral team as relevant, Mr Dawson, Mrs Atterbury or myself if you need to discuss something or have any questions to ask. We will do all we can to answer your queries and support you.

It is important that whilst we are displaced that we remain sensible and obey all the Covid restrictions and regulations in place. It is as necessary today, as it was yesterday or even over recent weeks, that we wear our face masks when needed, wash and sanitise our hands regularly and maintain our distance from others. It is very important that we are really careful and vigilant about obeying these restrictions especially if there is any need to be in school e.g. for exams, because you will have to mix and be near other students and staff and it is important that we do not spread anything to anyone else. As always, we have to remember other people and what is good for them at all times.

This is a very strange time for us all. School is so much quieter today than it was yesterday or has been in a long time. I have far fewer classes to visit today or students to chat to but I will keep in touch and cannot emphasise enough for you all that we are here should you need us in any way at all. You are in my prayers and the thoughts and the prayers of your teachers, Form Tutors and Pastoral Teams. I know they are concerned about you and missing you as well.

Please send my best wishes to everyone at home.

Take care now and God bless,

Mrs Bowen