Classroom expectations

Over the coming months we are launching a series of behavioural focus areas to encourage students to model exceptional behaviour in and around school. Every member of staff has a copy of the poster below for their classroom and every four weeks we will make one expectation our key focus area. Over the next few weeks we will be asking student to model “Respectful” behaviour, by listening carefully to others, following instructions politely and being courteous to all of the school community. Students who are displaying this behaviour will be rewarded by their class teachers as well as other staff who encounter such positive behaviour. We hope that by instilling the expectations into our students regularly, we are supporting their progress in lessons and teaching core values that will show them to be exemplary citizens outside of school.

St Thomas More Catholic School Classroom Expectations

Be Responsible

Arrive on time with correct equipment. Be ready to learn.

Be Respectful

Listen to your teacher. Listen to your classmates. Follow instructions politely.

Be Honest

Try your best. Work hard. Ask for help. Make the right decisions.

Be Caring

Consider those around you. Avoid negative comments. Be helpful and reliable.

Be Proud

Of yourself, your work, your class, your year group and your school community.