Children’s Mental Health Week 2024

To highlight this important week we were delighted to invite into school John Fogarty (JPF First Aid) who led mental health workshops with year groups 7 to 11 today. In these sessions students and teachers were asked to consider the different emotions that make us happy, sad, anxious or stressed and then think about what are the root causes of these feelings.  Students were also asked to reflect on the stigma of mental illness and the stigma we can feel if we are unkind to others and the impact this has on others self-perception and self worth. As Parents and Carers we would ask you to talk with your child about mental health awareness week and encourage positive mental health through conversation.  Students were reminded that talking to their form tutor or any other adult in school is always an option if they feel they are struggling or need support.  Please also see our wellbeing section of our website for further details and guidance.