(May 1st is the feast of St Joseph the Worker) ‘Joy does not come without effort, when one plants flowers, one must water them’ (German proverb)

This week we are invited to reflect upon the place of work in our lives. Work is perhaps the most sacred task in that it is an opportunity to share in God’s on going work of creation.

The future of the world is in our hands. Yet it need not be viewed as a chore. Work is something that can, and should, be creative and enjoyable. When it becomes this it is pure prayer

Father, we thank you for being able to work and play.

May our work help us to find our true vocation in life and bring justice

and peace into the lives of those we meet.

May our play prepare us for our work so that we can approach

it with freshness and enthusiasm.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen