‘We can do no great things – only small things with great love’ (Mother Teresa)

This week we reflect on how from small beginnings great things can come. Jesus spoke of the Kingdom of God, the Church, and likened its growth through time to that of the mustard seed; one of the smallest seeds there is. 


Once we take the first step towards changing something in our lives, or in the world around us, we must trust God to help us go forward, just as he makes the acorn grow towards becoming the oak tree (pause).

If we live a life, guided by the presence of God in it then the part we are to play in creating a world of peace and justice will become clear.

If there is something wrong in our lives, or the world around us, then we must be prepared to respond and God will help us through (pause).

God’s Kingdom is a kingdom of fairness, peace and love – each one of us is called to play a part in building it, but it is God who will bring it to its fullness.