The whole world can be yours without paying for it or robbing anyone.

This week we are invited to reflect on the call of Jesus to build our lives on his words and example. If we do that, then our lives are built on the sure foundation of the Gospel.

Yet, in the world around us we hear voices that urge us to accept different values :

‘Look after yourself. No one else will. Just follow every path that is in your best interest, raises your status and your standard of living.’

‘Mix with the right people. They can help you get on.’

‘Think about your image, even if it’s not the real you.’

Jesus seems to be saying something very different to this :

‘Blessed are those who see others as important’

‘What good is wealth and a large bank account when your life is empty of love, joy and peace’.

‘Take care of your conscience. If you don’t have a sense of right or wrong how can you be a real person?’

These are some of the foundations Jesus urges us to build our lives on. But we have to try and live and act upon them, otherwise we are building our lives on sand.

Father, you have trusted us with responsibility for the world you have made and for our brothers and sisters that share it with us. We pray that only our love for you will guide us in our actions, that our wish to make your Kingdom come will enlighten us, and that all our actions will be for the good of our brothers and sisters. We ask this through Christ our Lord.